INEC’s Staff Held Hostage, Bribed To Thumb PrintBallot Papers In Ondo By-Election [See Photo]

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When INEC couldn’t conduct a credible election in
Anambra State, Nigerians shouted but they said
they have learnt their lesson and promised to
improve in future elections. But as it stands now,
INEC is a failure. They keep getting worse with
every election. One wonders what 2015 will look
like in Nigeria!

Mr Ismail Lawal, an NYSC member who served as a
presiding officer and an ad-hoc staff for INEC in
Ondo State House of Reps By-Election has stated
that he and other members of his team were held
hostage by some politicians for several hours at
Ese Odo local government area.

The bye election was held in the Ilaje Ese Odo
constituency to replace Raphael Oloye Nomiye, a
member of the House of Representatives who died
last year in his home when a female banker was
“with” him.

In his confession on what happened during the
election, Mr. Ismail Lawal revealed that:
When it got close to the end of the voting, armed
thugs stormed the booth and threatened to burn
down the ballot boxes and other electoral materials
if he and others refused to cooperate in rigging the

Mr. Lawal said the illegal act was carried out at
Polling Unit 005, Roman Catholic Mission Primary
School in Kiribo. He added that he and his fellow
workers were so scared for their lives that they
thumb printed numerous ballot papers to avoid
been killed by the armed thugs.

“When we got to the end of the voting exercise
they threatened to burn and kill us. We had no
option other than to do their wishes by thumb
printing lots of ballot papers,” he said.

He added that the thugs gave them eight thousand
naira after forcing them to carry out the fraudulent

Speaking at the venue of the final collation of
election results at the Civic Centre in Igbokoda,
Bode Okoriko, a professor who served as the
collation officer for Ese Odo Local Government,
confirmed that the NYSC members were held
hostage and threatened to carry out illegal acts
that contravened electoral laws.

Sources say the thugs forced the NYSC members to
thumb print for PDP but INEC is keeping the ballot
papers secret for reasons best known to them.

They say it’s now clear that INEC is collaborating
with PDP.

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