“Young Men Still Disturb Me For S*x At 73″ –Nollywood Actress Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

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Multi-award winning legendary actress Taiwo Ajai-
Lycett in a recent interview with City People said
despite her age, many young men still hit on her.

The actress who lost her English husband 20 years
ago, talked about how she’s been keeping herself
sexually since her husband’s passing..

“People tell me s*x is good, s*x is necessary, that
is true. But the truth is young people, lets say men
of very young age always hit me all the time for
s*x. They always disturb me for s*x at my age.

I am 73years old, I don’t know whether it seems
they don’t know my age or whatever it is. But it
says something about life, that life goes on and
that beauty and age are in the eyes of the
beholder. Yeah, at 73, young men disturb me for
s*x and I can’t understand that.They don’t care or
know whether I am old or not, all they want from
me is s*x.

A 43 year old is on his knees now asking me for
marriage. This shows that I am still very much
alive.I could have remarried if the circumstance
had been different. I also have a 53year old man
who wants to marry me.

When you fall in love, you fall in love. You can’t
command the heart to fall in love and it wouldn’t
be a relationship if love isn’t involved. The heart
wants what the heart wants. The heart does not
know whether you are old or not”.

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