WOW! One Groom, Two Brides: Meet Jamil Who Marries Two Women At The Same Time, On Same Day


Jamil must be a strong man to get married to two women
at the same time….

As we say in local parlance, Naija no dey carry last; that is
exactly how we see this man who got married to two women
at the same time.

A certain man named Jamil achieved the feat and his brother,
Muhammed Maina, took to Twitter to congratulate him for
creating that record.

One only wonders what will happen on the wedding night or
when they go on honeymoon.

See what he tweeted:
Muhammed Maina @muhammadumaina
Congrats to my Brother Jamil who got Married to two
Beautiful Ladies al at once on this special day.


This may seem funny but it is true…. Ladies, would you
share your wedding day with another woman?

Read the tweet here.