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Winners Chapel Pastor Kidnapped During Prayer In Calabar

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How daring can some people be, they can’t even respect the house of
God? The Senior Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel, along IBB Way in
Calabar, Pastor Seyi Adekunle was on Saturday abducted by yet-to-be
identified kidnappers, who stormed the church premises around 8pm.

The development created confusion among members of the church, who
had gathered at the church to pray for the success of the Sunday service.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that the church is located next to
the headquarters of the Airport Division of the Nigeria Police in Calabar,
but it took officers and men of the division 30 minutes to arrive at the
church after they were contacted.

The eyewitness, who craved anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the
crime, told Southern City News on Sunday that three armed kidnappers
entered the church building unnoticed during the prayer session while a
fourth person, who was masked, identified the pastor in the midst of the
praying group.

She said Ademola was immediately cornered by the abductors and taken
away after he was identified, adding that it was likely that the masked
person that identified the pastor was familiar with the church.

The source also said that the kidnappers had their waiting vehicle parked
just by the entrance to the church along the ever-busy IBB Way, directly
opposite the Margaret Ekpo International Airport.

They (suspected kidnappers) reportedly operated for more than five
minutes before zooming off towards the Goodluck Jonathan Bypass.

She said, “The kidnappers came in during the normal Saturday prayers
around 8pm. A group, which includes the pastor, normally gathers to
pray for the next day’s (Sunday) service. They were praying when the
kidnappers came in unnoticed.

“Three of them were armed while a fourth one, who was not armed, came
forward to identify Pastor Ademola to the kidnappers. Their vehicle was
on standby. I am sure the person that identified the pastor among those
praying was an insider; someone who knows the church. They walked in
quietly when the prayer session was on.”

Another eyewitness said the police were contacted while the kidnappers
were still inside the church, but added that their response was slow.

The eyewitness disclosed that the kidnappers dragged the pastor to the
waiting vehicle outside the dark premises and headed towards the newly
constructed Goodluck Jonathan Bypass.

“They wasted some time before they drove towards the Bypass. I am sure
if the police had come at the nick of time, they would have been able to
rescue the pastor,” he said.

But the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Hogan Bassey,
disagreed with the insinuations of delayed response, saying the police,
led by the Divisional Police Officer of the Airport Division, Mr. Asuquo
Ebong, stormed the venue immediately the information got to them.

The police went there as soon as they got the distress call. The DPO was
physically there with the team that went there. We are seriously trailing
the kidnappers and I assure you that the pastor will soon be released,”
Bassey added.

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Updated: June 15, 2015 — 9:21 pm
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