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Wife Of The President , Aisha Buhari Dumps ‘First Lady’ Title

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In a press statement, Aisha Buhari has declined the title of
the First Lady and only wants to be addressed as the wife of
the president. Read the press statement…

I am not the first Lady says the wife of the President of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria Hajia Aisha Muhammadu
Buhari. I am the wife of the President and will be addressed
as such going forward. With her large smile that easily lights
up a room, Mrs Buhari’s sense of direction is established.

Her jovial nature belies a strong personality who says what
she thinks.

Speaking at the Appreciation Dinner held last night ,June
13th at the state house , mrs Buhari shared some of the
challenges experienced on the campaign trail, ensuring that
she diffused a potential life threatening situation with light
laughter which shows her sense of balanced perspective on
the trials that come with being in the public glare.
attributed the success of the camapaign to team work and
was profoundly greatful to the team , women and youth that
helped vote her husband into office. She also attributed all
her success and achievements to the support of the
President who encouraged her to go to school even while
raising 5 children where she eventually got her Master’s
degree in International affairs and Strategic studies from the
Nigerian Defence Acadmy NDA
“We are celebrating our victory” she said and for every
victory celebration, there is a party and a party it was indeed
with beautifully and fashionably women from every state in
the nation across every class ably represented seated as

Also in attendance was the wife of the Vice President Mrs
Oludolapo Osibajo, who also celebrated the women who
came en-masse to vote despite challenging situations, she
regaled us with a story of the egg seller who had never flown
in an airplane but was flown in for the party and was bring
her eggs and how security did not allow the eggs on the
plane. Mrs Osibajo told us of how Mrs Buhari had
continuously spoken about the Chibok girls and how
meeting with the parents was a priority.
With an agenda ,giving focus to women issues, the wife of
the president wants to see more women in the legislature
even from the local government level. While observing the
decline of women in the legislative , a situation she hopes to
help reverse; she believes empowerment from the ward
level will better affect the ordinary woman on the street
which was a point she highlighted in an interview with a
local news station during the election campaigning.

Nicknamed ‘Gogo of Africa” by Hajia Ramatu Tijani, the APC
National women’s leader gogo means ‘Caregiver”, Mrs Aisha
Buhari has been described as someone who will want to
share your burden, an advocate for those treated unfairly,a
strong supporter of the rights of women,jovial and gentle
natured , she is prepared to share her beloved husband with
the rest of the world,she quips “He belogs to the whole
world and he belongs to nobody”

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Updated: June 15, 2015 — 8:12 pm
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