Why Students Fail To Graduate With Good Grades

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There are many factors that can contribute to a student not
graduating with good grade. Many of these factors may be
beyond the control of the student. However, from
observation many students fail to graduate with good
grades for reasons which can be traced directly to them.

They knowingly or unknowingly plotted their own failure.
Here are 5 common ways many students jeopardize their
chances of graduating with good grades;
Poor Start: It is said that the beginning of a thing matters.

This is true if you aim to graduate with good grades. It has
been observed that students who end up graduating with
good grades are the ones that started putting the needed
effort right from their first year.

Many think that they have plenty of time, so they use their
first year to have “fun” only to realize how difficult it is to
make up for what has been lost already.

Lack of Interest: For one reason or the other many
students find themselves admitted to study a particular
course they have no interest to study. Many of such
students usually develop apathy for academic activities.
Some others take their academics with levity hoping they
will change into a more preferable course one later (which
may never happen).

Only to wish they have been more serious later. Even if the
course wasn’t what you opted for, take time to find out
what the course is all about and its prospects.
You never can tell, you may end up loving it more than
your preferred course.

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