The absence of Patience Jonathan from the inauguration ceremony of
President Muhammadu Buhari has raised different questions among

Mrs Jonathan, unlike other wives of Nigerian leaders was conspicuously
absent from the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Many have said that Mrs Jonathan who was last seen with her husband at
the inauguration dinner which heldThursday night had through her body
language showed her displeasure over her husband’s outster by the
current President as she never looked at the direction of President Buhari
who shared the same high-table with her throughout the dinner.

However, DAILY POST has gathered that it took the intervention of
friends and family for the ousted First Lady to have agreed to follow her
husband to the dinner.

Her reason, according to a presidency source was that she may not be
able to control her emotion as it’s painful giving up power just after one
term in office.

The source further disclosed that Mrs Jonathan broke down in tears after
the dinner last night and that could have been responsible for her absence
from Friday’s inauguration as Mr. Jonathan may not want a repeat of the
Thursday-dinner episode.

Another presidency source has however debunked the rumour that the
former First Lady could not attend the inauguration because she was
emotionally down.

The source who pleaded not to be mentioned said ” Mama Peace has an
important event to attend in Otuoke, their country home.

You don’t expect her to attend the inauguration when people are waiting
for her arrival back home.

She is not aggrieved over anything and she is not the only First lady who
could not attend the inauguration.

Her attendance is highly insignificant.

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I don’t know why you, press people are trying to make something out of

Meanwhile, Nigerians at different places have condemned her absence,
saying that even though she has the right to stay away from any major
event she is not directly involved, her absence at the inauguration
communicates volume as to her grudge for the new administration of
President Buhari and his wife whom she said she would work with and
show direction.

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