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[WAEC EXPO] Get Literature In English Answers Here

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(1) In Brenhoma society, childless
women have no respect. In fact, they are always
looked down upon. They are treated with ignominy.
Fate decides the position of each woman is
especially when such a woman is able to bear a male
child from whom the family name is
A case in point in Pokuwaa’s childlessness which was
largely decided by fate. Inspite of
Pokuwaa’s rare sacrificial efforts,
she could not have a child. She even attributed her
situation to men’s infertility. This made her to divorce
and re-married but to no
avail. One would say that Kofi Daafo and Kwaku fosu
were made scapegoats by Pokuwaa’s desperate attempt to have a child a situation that was beyond the immediate control of these two erstwhile husbands.

(8) The story paints d picture of an unfortunate man who struggle in d midst of hardship and tries to no avail. D narrative techniques exemplified in d novel ” d old man & d sea” are as follows: (i) irony (ii) language (iii) third person narrative (iv) symbolism (v) local colour (vi) paradox. .

4) Maye Okunade, one the warlords endowed by
Obatala to be the powerful leader of the allied
forces. He is a no-nonsense man who is described
as a demon by the women. Owu kingdom raids the
Ife kingdom and snatches from them the famous
Apomu market. The Ijebus are also attacked. Almost
all their killed and sell some of their. women and
children into slavery.
In their excesses,they carry off Iyunloye,the
beautiful wife of a. renowned artist and bring her to
Owu kingdom.

(6) At the beginning of the play, Major Peearlyface
comoffs’ coat was instrumental to the escape of
captain Bluntschli when the latter was at the edge of
being rounded up by the Serbian Soldiers. When
Bluntschli sought refuge at the room of Raina (the
only daughter of Major Paul off), he
was able leave unrecognized when Raina provided
him with his father’s coat. Her love for Bluntschli
through the portrait of hers kept in the coat which
the user did not know anything about. In an attempt
the said coat, his identity was know by Raina’s
The familiarasation of both men was made possible
with the return of the coat.

(10.) The poem opens with the speaker asserting
they are native of the street that are trapped and
live under bridges.They form major fragments of the
globe.The beggars are necessary part of (our)
existence.As the days go by and as the days breaks
givers rise to night,people slump in the warmth of
(their) beas and for married couples,they enhance
each other in the comfort of their beds but for the
beggars there is cardboard bed laid on stints. As
the sun shines on the rich so does it to the poor.this
is the hand work of nature which does not
discriminate on the basis statues,race,standing
position work good for everybody.the same
night which injects the rich and the nowvean rich
with cool breeze does so for the poor.

(11.) The poet’s attitude towards the sun in “the sun
Rising” by john donne. Jonny Donne Lived between
1512 to 1631 and attended both oxford unifer.

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