[WAEC EXPO] Get Geography 2014/15 WAECAnswers Here (OBJ & Essay)

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Geography OBJ.

(4a)Nigeria is a sub-saharan nation located in
west Africa. Itis located between latitudes
4degree N and 14digre N of theequator and
between longitudes 3digre E and 15digree ofthe
greenwich meridian

(4aii) Nigeria is the fourth largest country in
Africa after Niger,Mali and Mauritania. It has an
area of about923,000sgkm
(4b)(i) Source of minerals: most highlands in
Nigeria are sourceof minerals like coal(enugu)
tin and columbite (jos plateau),gold,diamond
and limestone.
(ii) For defence: highland are useful in time of
inter-tribalwars for easy defence against
(iii)As a sources of rivers: most highland in
Nigeria serve aswatershed or sources of many
rivers and streams.
(iv)As tourist centres: some highland in Nigeria
serve ascentre for tourist attraction e.g jos
(v)some highlands has cool climate which aids
settlement ofpeople.

(3a)(i)majority of the industries are operating
on small scalebases. i.e small scale enterprises.
(ii)they can only be located in urban centres.
(iii)they are dependent on imported raw
materials from other countries.
(iv)they depend on technical expertise from
other countries.
(v)large concentration on consumable goods.
(vi)products are essentially made for local markets.

(1a) draw
the graph x against y
settlement, dispersed settlement (1c)
1:500 2cm=1km : 26.5cm:xkm 2x=26.5
x=26.5/2 x=13.25km the lenght of river
jamtari is 13.25km

(1d) manm*de: – orchard bush – settlement e.g jauro
physical features: -rivers -hill -spot

(i)Migration: rural-urban migration tends to
increase the population of these towns.
(ii)commercial activities:presence of markets
and business transactions pulls people to these
(iii)presence of industries: the presence of
industries in Lagos,Ibadan, kano, etc provides
jobs for the people.
(iv)employment opportunities: the availability
of jobs in these towns also swells the
(iv)Administrative headquarters: some towns
like lagos,enugu,ibadan and kano serves as
administrative capitals which attract people to
the area.

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draw the maps and locate it yourself

-Rapids andcataracts: presence of
rapids and cataracts which impede
drainage or navigation.
-shallowness:majority of the nigerian rivers are very
-short distance:most rivers often flow over short
distance, hence not suitable for navigation.

(5c) -irrigation
-hydro-electric power generation