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Hey, guys. How are you doing? So, I know the weekend
is over, and you’re. A little sad about it, but trust me,
this story is going to lift your spirits. There’s been a lot
of messed up stuff going on in the country, (Shekau
claiming responsibility for the Lagos bombing) but
you’re okay. That’s what matters.

We are leaving Nigeria and going all the way to New
Delhi, India for this one. So, one poor, poor, quite
unfortunate valet is going to need to find a new job,
(perhaps even a new country on a different continent)
and one that doesn’t involve cars, or any machinery,
for that matter.
On the third of July, a valet (LOL. I’m sure former valet,
now. Hehe) working at New Delhi’s Le Meridien hotel
lost control of a customer’s Lamborghini Gallardo
Spyder. Let that sink in. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

The car costs upwards of $180,000. My God. How do
you lose control of such a car? Ah!
The poor guy hit two stationary cars, and then he
drove the car into a concrete railing. Eyewitnesses say
the poor valet almost hit another valet as he impacted
the first stationary car. He was later taken to a hospital
for injuries sustained in the accident. LOL. I’m sure
even if he wasn’t injured, he would have faked
it. Gbese.

The five-star Le Meridien agreed to front the bill for
repairing the Gallardo Spyder, but later declined to do
so. They probably settled down to think about it well.
Ah. The repairs are perhaps even more expensive
than the car itself. Might as well just get a new one.
The hotel is probably going to be sued, though. No
way to avoid it.

The car was taken for repairs on Tuesday, which
allegedly amount to an eye-watering $200,000. U am
absolutely certain you are doing the math in your
head. God knows I tried, but then the zeros got too
many and my eyes crossed.

Source : didindara

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