UPDATE:Surviving Girls Describe Horrors OfBoko Haram Camp [WARNING: VIOLENCE]

The BBC Hausa service has aired an interview with
two young Nigerian females who managed to
escape from Boko Haram captivity and later gave a
graphic account of the dreaded sect’s operations.

Janet’s Story:

Janet, 19, narrated how a group of terrorists
invaded the Gwoza Local Government Area of
Borno State and started slaughtering people in
front of her. Then, they ordered the girl to slit one
man’s throat. She refused, and the group leader’s
wife did it instead.

Janet was taken to a house where she cooked for
the terrorists. When they went to fight soldiers in
Gwosa, they took her with them. She says she
could hear bullets flying over her head in all

The Boko Haram insurgents usually hide in the hills
and caves, making it difficult for the Army to spot
them. Janet says she saw Nigerian Army solders a
few times, but they failed to spot the terrorists’
hideouts, which were located mainly along the
Liman Kara and Gwoza axis.

The insurgents would kill persons who worked for
the Government, Janet said, also the girls who used
chemical hair treatment. Before engaging in fights
with the military,
the terrorists also have a habit of digging holes in
the ground and burying their dead. Janet says she
knew almost everyone in the group of her captors,
as they came from her home area.She was able to
escape from her captors after feigning illness.

As the insurgents suspected she had AIDS, they
allowed her to seek medical attention, and she was
able to break free.

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Liatu’s Story The BBC Hausa service also
broadcast the story of another survivor, 23-year-old
Liatu, who was captured by the terrorists last year.

The insurgents killed all the Muslims working for
the Nigerian Government in the area of Liatu’s