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UNIJOS honour DAN MARAYA JOS by immortalise


The University of Jos (Unijos) is to honour the
memory of one of its most prominent host
citizens, the internationally acclaimed musician,
Dan Maraya Jos who died penultimate Saturday,
June 20.

The man, born Adamu Wayya and nick-
named Dan Maraya Jos after being orphaned
while he was still a baby , was honoured while
he lived with a honourary doctorate degree by
the University of Jos.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor
Hayward Mafuyai who led principal officers of
the University on a condolence visit to the
family of the late Dan Maraya Jos at the
deceased’s residence in the Bauchi Road
neighbourhood of Jos, said the University would
not let the name of the late Hausa musician die
with him.

While paying tribute to the late Dan Maraya for
his unique musical commentary on social-
economic issues, Professor Mafuyai described
him as a moral crusader whose fame
transcended the boundaries of Nigeria. The
Vice-Chancellor said the University held the late
musical icon in high esteem, and that this was
why the University conferred him with the
honourary degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Among the Unijos delegation was Professor
Shamsudeen Amali, a long-time associate of the
late Dan Maraya Jos and the person who
nominated Dan Maraya for the conferment of
the honourary doctorate degree by the
University of Jos.

A member of the Dan Maraya family, Alhaji
Kuchili Yusuf told the visiting Unijos officers that
the late Dan Maraya was a loving husband and
father who embraced all people regardless of
differences in ethnicity, race and creed. “He was
a humble man who did not allow fame to change
his philosophy of life,” Alhaji Kuchili said.

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Updated: July 1, 2015 — 12:34 pm
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