At least 17 people have been killed by an explosion
in a village market in Borno State in an attack
blamed on Boko Haram Islamists, a local police
chief said on Sunday.

The deadly blast struck a busy marketplace late on
Thursday in the remote village of Nguro-Soye,
injuring many more, said police chief Lawan Tanko.
News on the attack was slow to emerge after
insurgents destroyed nearby telecom towers,
shutting down communications in the area.

“An explosion in the market in Nguro-Soye killed
17 people,” Tanko told AFP, adding that police
were investigating the source of the explosion.
“The attack on Nguro-Soye, as in previous attacks,
is the handiwork of Boko Haram insurgents.”
Residents who fled the village to the state capital
Maiduguri put the death toll at nearly 30, and said
more people were hurt.

“They (attackers) fired RPG (rocket-propelled
grenade) on the market and opened fire, killing 29
people,” said local trader Hamisu Ibrahim.

“Many people were injured in the attack and the
stampede that followed,” said Ibrahim.

Nguro-Soye lies close to the town of Bama where
60 people were killed last month in coordinated
bomb and gun attacks by Boko Haram that burnt
half the town.

Deadly attacks blamed on the sect have intensified
since the turn of the year, making it one of the
bloodiest since the insurgency began in 2009.

So far in 2014 some 700 people have been killed in
more than 40 incidents, according to Human
Rights Watch.

“There is an ongoing military operation in the area
(Borno) against the group and the attack was likely
in frustration over their losses,” Tanko said.

“It is not established whether the attack explosion
at the market which killed 17 people was as a
result of planted IED (improvised explosive device)
or RPG.”

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Tens of thousands have fled for their lives in the
restive northeast of Nigeria, either in fear of further
attacks or after militants razed their homes and

A wave of attacks on education targets, including
the slaughter of boarding school students in their
beds while they slept, has prompted international

Authorities in Borno state have shut indefinitely all
public secondary schools after 43 students were
shot and hacked to death by suspected Boko
Haram gunmen last month.(AFP).

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