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Tips on How To Prepare & Succeed In Your Post- UTME Screening


It is a common knowledge that passing the UTME
does not guarantee you an admission into a
tertiary institution. The post UTME screening
exercise was introduced in 2005 to checkmate
candidates that are fond of cheating in the UTME.

Adequate preparation for the exercise is the only
guarantee for success. With this knowledge i am
here to help you with your preparation.

JAMB CBT Centers, Post-UTME Screening
The examination is usually computer-based and
questions are mostly derived from the past UTME
and post UTME questions. You must get these past
question manuals and study them effectively. You
must study intensively for at-least a week
preceding the screening date i.e 6hrs a day, this
will go a long way to helping you get ready.

Tips to help you Succeed In Your Post-UTME
You should take good note of these following

1) You must arrive your school of choice a day or
two days before the exercise;

a) This will help you to overcome the tension that
accompany examinations of this magnitude.

b) It will help you to acclimatize with the
environment .

c) You will be able to identify your venue thus
limiting early morning jitters.

2) You must find computer based examination
trials on the internet and practice well so as to get
used to the processes if this is your first time.

3) You should start with subjects that you are really
good at as this will give you the confidence to take
on the rest.

4) You should have a group discussion with other
candidates on their preparation (this is only
possible if you arrive days earlier).
5) This is the one i consider the most important;
you must read all instructions before you begin to
answer the questions.

If you can effectively note and carry out all this
advice, post UTME will seem so easy. Do not
hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions
and i will like to hear about your post UTME

I wish you all the best and look forward to your
matriculation in your choice schools and courses
of study.

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