This Nigerian Pastor Has Not Had Sex In13years, No Bath Too


13 years no bath nor séx: is this pastor now very
dirty and already smelling? Below are the answers:

Prophet Wale Olagunji who heads Divine Seed of
God Chapel Ministry in Ibadan, Oyo State does not
smell and in fact he moves about doing his daily
activities and even looks neater than most people
who takes their bath every day. How possible is
that? The prophet said God spoke to him in year
2000 that he should stop taking his bath and
separate himself from his wife.

And since 2000 till date Prophet Wale Olagunji has
not taken his birth and has not “touched” his wife…
Below is what the pastor told City People about the
“price” he is paying:

QUEST: Some years back, you came out that God
instructed you to stop having your bath, is it true.
And are you still on it?

ANS: Yes, it is 13years now to be precise. Early
2000 the Lord told me to stop taken my bath,
separate myself from my wife and that I should
stop taking all those soft drinks and wines. And
since then, diligently, I have observed all those

Whoever God wants to use for certain purposes
on earth, there is a serious price attached to that
calling. So I believe that is the price I am paying. As
I am talking to you now, I have not taking my bath,
if you want me to show you evidence, I will show
you if you doubt all I am saying; I have not taking
my bath since 2001 till this moment.


Hmmm…this one is really, really wonderful!