Suspected Kidnapper Strips Self Nakéd ToAvoid Arrest

A woman alleged to have kidnapped a 10-year-old
girl stripped herself to avoid arrest, yesterday, at
the Ajegunle Police Division.

The woman, said to have identified herself as a
serving Assistant Commissioner of Police, allegedly
kidnapped the primary school pupil who was on
her way to school, at Barra Street.

Eyewitnesses said the attention of some passers-
by was attracted following the pupil’s fruitless
effort to free herself from Comfort’s grip.

An eyewitness, who gave his name as Mr. Joseph
Ogbonna, said: “Out of curiosity, we decided to find
out what the problem was and the girl said she did
not know the woman. But Comfort said she was
taking her child to Area B Command.

“A man among the crowd asked the girl to give her
mother’s telephone number which she did. We
dialed the line and her mother surfaced.”

An angry mob almost lynched Comfort before a
police patrol team from Ajegunle Division took her
to the station.

However, at the station the suspect reportedly
became incoherent and stripped herself, causing
the male policemen to flee leaving the female
officers to attend to the suspect.

One of the residents of Olubukola Street, who out
of curiosity went to the station, was said to have
disclosed that Comfort was mentally deranged and
had attacked a pregnant woman.