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SHOCKING! Mother Stabs Teacher To Death In Front Of Students


Everyday we keep hearing different kind of news and gists,
this happened at a primary school in the southern French
town of Albi when a female teacher was stabbed to death by
a student’s mother on today, Friday.

According to source (Yahoo)

“This morning, a mother showed up with a knife and
stabbed a 34-year-old teacher in front of her students, for
reasons that will be determined by the investigation,” Albi
prosecutor Claude Derens told AFP.
“When I arrived at the scene they were trying to revive her.

She was in cardiac arrest in her classroom,” he said.
President Francois Hollande immediately sent Education
Minister Benoit Hamon to the school to take charge of the
government response.

“All state services will be mobilised to take care of these
children and the staff who witnessed this awful tragedy,”
Hollande said in a statement.

The stabbing took place as morning classes began at Albi’s
Edouard Herriot primary school, which is attended by 284
students aged from three to 11.

No further details were immediately available and a press
conference was planned for Friday afternoon.
A spokesman for Hamon said he was on his way to the school
to show his support, saying the education minister “is deeply
shocked by this crime, which plunges the end of the school
year into mourning.”

“This tragedy confirms there is a need to fight against
violence in and around schools, to protect schools, teachers
and students.”

The incident comes amid concerns in France over assaults by
parents on teachers, with a study released in April saying
nearly half of primary school principals had been verbally or
physically abused by parents.

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Updated: July 5, 2014 — 7:55 am
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