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Senator Denies NASS Members Will Be Receiving N8.64bn Wardrobe Allowance

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A member of the National Assembly, Senator Ajayi Borrofice
representing Ondo North has come out to deny reports that the National
Assembly Members will be given N8.64bn as wardrobe allowance.

Speaking to ThisDay, Senator Borrofice said the controversial N8.64bn
to be released to members of the National Assembly is for miscellaneous
or regular expenses such as motor vehicle fueling and maintenance,
wardrobe, domestic staff, personal assistant, constituency office, house
maintenance, utilities and entertainment, among other perks, for the
entire 469 lawmakers in the National Assembly.

Senator Borrifice said the miscellaneous allowance also includes cost of
securing and equipping constituency offices in various local government
areas which make up their constituencies and also includes monies to be
used by lawmakers to organize town hall meetings in their various

He said it was wrong for the public to believe they will be using N8.64
billion just for clothes.

According to him, the wardrobe allowance is the least significant to the
assembly members. He stated that the miscellaneous allowance they will
receive will be deducted in tranches from their salaries.

The report of the lawmakers collecting N8.64 billion as their wardrobe
allowance surfaced yesterday June 16th with most Nigerians strongly
condemning it.

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Updated: June 17, 2015 — 8:10 pm
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