See The Outcome Of This Guy Who Had Over 30 Surgeries To Become A Female

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Remember a few days back, it was in the news how popular
reality star Kendra Wilkinsons Husband Hank Baskett
cheated on her with a transexual.

well the folks on Radar Online have gone ahead to dig up
more dirt on the guy who transformed himself into a female…

According to them the 25 year old fame hungry tranny who
calls herself Ava London, was born as a boy named Paul in
Modesto, California, and started undergoing radical cosmetic
surgery to transition his body into a more feminine
appearance in 2011.

London has had dozens of surgical procedures including size
DD bosom implants, two rhinoplasty surgeries, a chin shave,
a feather lift (a type of facelift), and eight sessions of silicon

But that’s not all. London also had full facial feminization
surgeries (FFS), including shaving down the brow bone and
adam’s apple, hairline reduction, pulling back the eyes, and
three nose jobs. But it doesn’t stop there.

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