See The Best Food & Drink Of President Buhari

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Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim Babankowa is a retired police commissioner.

His name might not be familiar, but his action can never be forgotten in
the history of Nigeria .

It was him, shortly after the 1966 coup, who discovered the bodies of the
Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa and his Finance Minister, Chief
Okotie Eboh, who had been taken by the coupists to the outskirts of
Lagos, Sango-Ota, and shot dead.

A retiree and elder statesman, Babankowa is a close associate of the
President Muhammadu Buhari, for the past 43 years.

In this interview at his residence in Hadejia Road, Kano, he says the
Buhari administration would not disappoint Nigerians.

What is his best food?

Buhari is somebody who will not miss his three square meals, however
small the meals may be, just to put something in the stomach, he must
eat something. He does not joke with that.

Even if we are traveling, provision is always made for that in the car.

Do you know Alikama? That is wheat. There is something we called
Tuwo Alikama. He likes it very much, with different types of soup. It
could be okro, or any other soup.

How about drinks?

He does not drink anything outside Fanta, Coca Cola and water. His love
for Nigeria is something else.

He is always looking for what he can give rather than what he can get and
that is why he has nothing, compared to our so-called leaders.

He has only three houses, two in Kaduna and one in Daura.

The one in Daura is just a two-bedroom bungalow. One of the two houses
in Kaduna is for his visitors while he occupies one.

Source: Vanguard

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