SEE GOBE:- Girl Accidentally Send Unclad Pics Of Herself To Dad, Drama Follows

Look, people send unclad texts to their romantic interests: it’s
like a fact of the social media age. When it goes wrong, it’s
mortifying — though often quite entertaining — and that
goes double when the drama is publicly documented on

Meet Nyjah. She’s a college student. She’s been tweeting
since 2009. She posts lots of selfies on Instagram, and
occasionally shares “cute lil nudie” pics with her man via

Yesterday, she apparently sent a unclad photo of herself to
her father by accident.

What was not accidental was the documentation of the fallout
on social media. Nyjah turned to Twitter for support,
instantly converting a private matter into something for
everyone to have a good, long gawk at.


Her daddy continued to call her and eventually showed up at
her house. Nyjah’s normally active Twitter went ominously
silent after tweeting a link to this Instagram video of dear ol’
dad walking up the driveway.

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