Saraki Just Visited Obasanjo – Here Are The 3 Things We Know About The Visit

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Senate President Bukola Saraki has only just left the Abeokuta home of
former President Olusegun Obasanjo to a raucous reception in Ilorin, his
home town.

According to several sources who have just spoken to Naijaloaded, here
are a few reasons why Saraki visited Baba.

1. Saraki got the senate presidency but not the APC backing
He’s been insulated from and emasculated by the party on whose
platform he got reelected into the Senate, one source said. Even though
there have been a raft of fence mending meetings between Saraki and the
APC since June 9 when he rebelled against the party to emerge senate
president, the talks have yielded little by way of detente.
The meeting with Obasanjo was another attempt at brokering a long
lasting truce between him and his party.

2. Buhari isn’t happy with Saraki
Recall that Buhari had said in a media chat that Saraki had divided the
party in the wake of his Pyrrhic senate president victory.

Buhari is still not happy that Saraki’s faction couldn’t wait for a meeting
he had called at the ICC and had gone ahead to carry out an election
which polarized the party further. One other source adds that Buhari has
refused to meet or see Saraki since his emergence as senate president.
Considering that they both have to be on the same page to actualize the
change Nigerians voted and yearn for, the visit to Abeokuta became
The Obasanjo visit was aimed at helping to smoothen things between
Nigeria’s number one and number three men.

3. The APC hasn’t been talking to Saraki
He’s been left in the lurch, basically. Starved of information and
communication, Saraki has only been an APC member in name. Our
findings have buttressed the point as well that in spite of all the media
show of harmony by the party, there is deep seated resentment between
Saraki and the APC National Working Committee (NWC).

If he’s got to help in pushing the APC governance blueprint, he feels he
needs to be carried along. Right now, that isn’t happening and Obasanjo
is on first name bases with everyone in the APC top hierarchy.

Now, you know why this visit couldn’t wait a day longer and why the
‘orphan’ seeks to return home.

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