REVEALED: What Actually Killed Abacha, ByGeneral Useni

Do you know that the flesh of late General Sani
Abacha was cut and send to Germany and another
body part cut and send to the United Kingdom?

Well, these are some of the revelations one of his
closest men back then is letting out. General
Jeremiah Useni (rtd) gives detailed information
about what happened:

It’s no secret that you always had your time
with him in the evenings. Achacha’s last 24
hours before his death, how were they like?
What actually killed Abacha ?

Well, it is true that I always saw him in the
evening. One thing I made sure was that I never
took official matters to him. I never went there to
gossip. As I said, we had been long time friends.

Some times I would wait up till 11pm or 12 mid-
night so that he would have finished with all those
people who would normally take their problems to
him. I think that day I just came back from Gusau
and I was feeling tired and I thought I would take
the evening off. But once I came in, I got a
telephone call from the Villa that they were waiting
for me there.

I think it was the day (late) Yasser Arafat came to
Nigeria and Abacha was to receive him. In fact, by
the time we finished Abacha himself was very tired
because he slept all through the evening on our
way back from the airport.

So I told people that the man was tired they should
allow him rest. So I went back to meet him around
10pm or so and I left him around 2:30am. The next
morning around 10:30 I think I had two
administrators with me in the office when another
call came.

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They said they were waiting for me at the Villa and
I got a bit upset that why must they always wait for
me at the Villa, every time they are waiting for me,
they are waiting for me. When I got to the Villa,
they said Abacha died. I said, died? But I was with
him till very late.

The story people have refused to let go of is
that you were both out very late, enjoying
and drinking with some woman and that he
ate apple and died of possible poisoning
from the apple?

People said all that, about apple poisoning him,
some women poisoned him and all that. There is an
autopsy report on what killed him.

But the autopsy report could bee doctored to
protect him?

Doctored how? They cut his body and sent to
Germany. The report that came back said Abacha
died of natural causes. They cut his body again and
sent to the United Kingdom, the report that came
back said he died of natural causes. The man had
been ill any way.

They (the military council) by-passed you
because they felt you had a hand in his

Yes! I was suspected, and they made Abdulsalami
head of state, though militarily, I was the most
senior officer at that time.