The pastor of a popular Pentecostal Church located
along Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State, simply
identified as Pastor Sam, is currently on the run
after allegedly impregnating a woman and her

The pastor, who hails from the eastern part of the
state, allegedly impregnated the 45-year-old
mother of three and her 14-year-old daughter
under the guise of conducting prayers for them to
deliver them of evil spirits that had been battling

It was gathered that the woman and the daughter
have been under evil spells after her husband died
of inexplicable stomach problems and elders of the
Illah community where they live, had consulted
seers who accused the woman and her teenage
daughter of having a hand in the death.

The duo were said to have been introduced to the
pastor around December 2013 and he had
promised to reverse every demonic attack on their
lives and they have been consulting the pastor
until last week when they both took ill and were
taken to a private hospital in Asaba by their
neighbours, where doctors, after conducting tests
confirmed they were both pregnant after which
they claimed the pastor was responsible.

Sources said when the news of the pregnancy
broke, the pastor who smelt trouble, took off to an
unknown destination leaving his church which
used to be a beehive of prayer activities, under lock
and key.

Confirming the incident, an elder sister of the
pregnant woman, one Elizabeth Agu said, “we tried
to reach the pastor who they claimed is
responsible, through his GSM line but it was
switched off and his whereabouts are unknown
while the church is also under lock and key,” she

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