President Buhari Orders The Release of $21m To Multinational Joint Task Force

President Muhammadu
Buhari has ordered the release of $21m to multinational
joint task force in order to begin the war against Boko
Buhari said this at the AU summit in South Africa, yesterday,
June 13, 2015.

The people’s general said “I am pleased to note that
Cameroon, Chad and Niger are already showing this
attribute by fighting alongside Nigeria under the umbrella of
Multinational Joint Task Force to defeat Boko Haram.

“In this regard, the member countries of the Lake Chad
Basin Commission and Benin met recently where far-
reaching decisions were taken to immediately put into
operations the Multinational Joint Task Force.

“To this end, the summit approved the immediate provision
of $30m for the Multinational Joint Task Force.
Consequently, out of the pledge of $100m, which Nigeria
made to the Multinational Joint Task Force, I have directed
that $21m be released within the next one week.”

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