Pandemonium broke out, weekend, in the densely-
populated Ajegunle area of Lagos State, after some
members of Odua Peoples Congress, OPC, engaged
policemen in Tolu Police Division in a gun duel over
the release of a suspect.

A suspected member of OPC was shot dead in the
process, a passer-by hit by a stray bullet, one
policeman shot and several others sustained
varying degrees of injuries in the incident which
paralysed commer-cial activities in the area.

A police van was also burnt by the OPC members
and part of the stationed torched. Their attempt to
burn down the station, however, met with
resistance from the policemen.
There were different accounts as to how trouble

How it started
A version said a teenage girl had a
misunderstanding with her lover who was owing
her N7,000. The 18-year old girl was said to have
reported the matter to OPC members last Friday,
who subsequently apprehended her boyfriend and
allegedly tortured him in their hideout.

Another version had it that the man bought some
goods worth N7,000 and refused to pay,
threatening to beat up the teenager, who
subsequently ran to the OPC for justice.

When news about the apprehension of the man
reached policemen at Tolu Division, a team was
reportedly drafted to the OPC’s hideout where the
victim was rescued and brought to the station. The
next day, OPC members reportedly stormed the
station demanding for his immediate release.

Eyewitness account
An eyewitness, who gave his name as Famuyiwa
Oladele, said: “Immediately the OPC people came,
they started shaking the gate of the station,
demanding that the man that was taken from their
custody be returned.

“Before we knew what was happening, they started
shooting and we all took to our heels.
“One Emeka, who was driving along the route, was
hit by a stray bullet. They attempted to burn down
the station when the police fired and killed one of

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“Nobody could sleep in this area that day because
the OPC members threatened to bring down the
whole place. Many residents fled.”

Police story
When contacted, spokesman for the Lagos State
Police Command, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the
incident, saying report of the illegal arrest was
received at the command’s control room from
where policemen at Tolu Division were contacted.

She said that the policeman that fired the shot that
killed the OPC member had been detained, and
that the matter was being investigated to ascertain
whether it was right to have fired the shot.

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