Pastor Caught Live With A Military Officer’sWife In His Bedroom [See Photo]

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When I was growing up, the few times that such
nonsense ever happened in my area, the men and
women in the act were taken to pastors who
prayed for them to be delivered from the spirit
controlling and pushing them into such shameful
act. But these days, some pastors are the one
getting controlled by that same spirit.

The Senior Pastor and general Overseer of
Maximum Deliverance Church, Pastor John Simon
was caught live in the act by policemen sent by a
top military officer to secretly monitor the pastor
and his wife…

Unfortunately, people are saying Pastor Simon may
be using something on women he loves that
confuses them and make them do anything with
him. As seen in the photos, two woman, including
the police officer’s wife were nudé in his bedroom
with him when the soldiers busted him in the act.
Now he is begging.

Dear pastors, please advise yourselves, this mess
is getting too much!

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