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[WAEC CHOCK] 2014 Waec Physics (Essay &Obj) Get de Answer now

0 PHYSICS ANSWERS VERIFIED PHYSICS OBJ 1DABABACBBB 11DCABCBBAAC 21ABBCCDCDBB 31CBDCBCDDAA 41DDBADBDAAB Nos Answered: 2,4,5,7,8,9,10,11 ————————————– PLS TAKE NOTE OF THESE SYMBOLS: @Means Tita sign whch looks like crossed-zero. ^Means Raise to power . *Means Multiply Degree looks like a small zero. (2.) R=(U^2sin2@)/g 78=(30*30 sin2@)/10 0.8667=sin2@ 2@=60 @=30 (4.) young modulus=stress/strain stress=F/A=35000/4=8750 strain=e/l=0.025/50=0.0005 young modulus=8750/0.0005=17500000 […]

[WAEC EXPO] Get Geography 2014/15 WAECAnswers Here (OBJ & Essay)

0 Geography OBJ. 1.CBACDBCDCC. 11.DACDDDABCA. 21.DCAABCBDDD. 31.AABCADBDAC. 41.DCCCCCBBDA. (4a)Nigeria is a sub-saharan nation located in west Africa. Itis located between latitudes 4degree N and 14digre N of theequator and between longitudes 3digre E and 15digree ofthe greenwich meridian (4aii) Nigeria is the fourth largest country in Africa after Niger,Mali and Mauritania. It has an area […]

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