“No One Can Stop Me From Going N*ked…Not Even God!” – Maheeda

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The sexy and controversial singer is not giving up
on her ways
anytime soon. She rather gets tougher everyday.
Despite criticism she has received for posting her
nak*d photos
on social media and Instagram banning her from
using their
medium, the self-confessed one-time prostitute
and ‘born again
gospel singer’, is not ready to rein on her wild ways
as she still
find time to indulge in her passion, which is to
inundate us with
more of her indecency.
The married mother of one has even taken the
name Goddess of
X and says that she loves to have s*x every day
and that it
relaxes her. She also blasted anyone who tries to
talk sense into
her head by changing her ways.
This is what she told them:“When I started posting
pix, U did
not ask me to. I did it cos I want to; so don’t think
you can make
me stop or make me do anything rather than what
I want to do. I
do what makes me happy. No one can stop me…
Not even God.”
Now what do you make of this insubordination..?

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