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Nigerian Troops Arrest 3 Female Undercover Operatives Of Boko Haram (Photos)


The Nigerian army have released a statement stating that they
have arrested 3 women who worked as undercover operatives
for Boko Haram. Find the statement below…

In the aftermath of the failed s*****e bombing attempt on a
military facility by a female terrorist who blew herself up in
Gombe recently, troops have arrested three suspected
female terrorists who have been secretly recruiting ladies
into the female wing of the terrorists group. The suspects,
Hafsat Usman Bako, Zainab Idris and Aisha Abubakar were
intercepted while travelling to Madagali from where they
were to transit to the forest to reunite with their cohorts.

Investigations revealed that the suspects, led by Hafsat Bako,
have the mission to recruit members into the female wing as
well as conduct espionage for the group. Hafsat’s link with
the terrorists group had earlier been a subject of
investigation in 2012, when security agents on a manhunt for
one Usman Bako, her husband who was identified as a
terrorist, stormed their residence in Jimeta. This resulted in
the discovery of an AK 47 rifle and 2 loaded magazines.

Though Usman Bako later died in an encounter with troops in
Sokoto where he had relocated to continue his terrorist
activities, Hafsat continued with the terror group specializing
in surreptitious recruitment of members into their fold.

The arrested trio suspects were luring ladies especially
widows and young girls by enticing them with male suitors
who are mainly members of their terror group for marriage.
Before their arrest, they were on a mission to take additional
briefing from the leadership of the terror group.

The trio has been operating together as members of the
intelligence team of the group. Their arrest has yielded
information still being verified by security agencies.

for Director Defence Information

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Updated: July 4, 2014 — 6:19 pm
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