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Nigeria President Jonathan Vows to EndTerrorism, Says Adviser

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Nigeria’s state security organizations have
launched a joint investigation into Monday’s
bombing in Nyanya, a suburb of the capital, Abuja
that left at least 71 dead and many injured, says
Reuben Abati, an adviser to President Goodluck

President Jonathan condemned the bombing after
expressing his condolences to the families of the
victims of the attack, and directed the medical
services to ensure the injured received medical

Abati says all of Nigeria’s security services are
working together to investigate the bombing.

“The investigations are continuing and [they are]
an inter-agency collaborative effort. All the various
security agencies are involved; the Police, the Civil
Defense, the State Security Services and the
various intelligence agencies of the military,” said
Abati. “When the incident occurred, one of the
perpetrators was also caught up in the explosion
and he died. Some of the media houses have
shown the pictures of the s*****e bomber.”

Abati says security agencies have been placed on
high alert in the capital, Abuja, and other parts of
the country following the bombing.

“The president has ordered that security should be
heightened in and around Abuja and across the
country. Because the place where the bombing
took place, Nyanya is just about four kilometers
from Abuja,” said Abati. “Many of the people who
work within the federal capital territory live in that
area. Clearly, the threat is quite close and what
happened is tragic, and when the president heard
about it he was really sad.”

Abati says Jonathan is encouraging the media to
educate Nigerians about the threats from terrorism
and the need for their cooperation with security
agencies to help combat terrorism in the country.

“The president reassured Nigerians that the
government remains determined to put an end to
the scourge of terrorism and that he is very
optimistic that at the end of the day Nigerians will
get over this particular problem,” said Abati.

Meanwhile the spokesman for Nigeria’s ruling
People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on
Nigerians to unite behind President Jonathan to
end terrorism in the country.

Abdullahi Jalo condemned the attack. He also
called on the international community to help the
government in Abuja defeat terrorism in the

“There is a need for the western communities to
quickly assist Nigeria so that this terrorism would
be defeated,” said Jalo. “We call upon all Nigerians
to stand up against these [terrorists]. Because if
you are terrorizing and you say you are Boko
Haram and you are killing people whom are you
going to rule? Western education is part of us so
there is no real purpose in doing this. They cannot
get what they want.”

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Updated: April 15, 2014 — 12:37 am
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