The lady in the above photo was said to working in
one of the most popular Nigeria Bank and as a
marketer in the bank.

According to the source, The lady was given a
target else she will not be promoted in three
months time. The bank does not want to know how
she can make but they just want results. The lady
then has no choice but to be kind to her customers
in order to bring them to open account with them
some huge amount of money to be deposited in
her branch.

In order to do this she went and start slee’ping
with the men who promise to open account with
the bank.

She slept with a Young Man who Leaked out some
of her Photos Online!!
Whatsup with Some of this Bank and their Stup!d

Can you allow your Wife to Be work in a Bank
as a Marketer ? Drop your Comment.

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