Must Read!! Suicide Bomber Recognition Guide

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Following the incessant destruction of lives and properties by the
dreaded boko haram sect, it is imperative for us to be vigilant and
mindful of our surroundings.

Below are ways that we can recognize suicide bombers before they
perpetrate their evil acts.
It is advisable to alert the appropriate law enforcement authority as fast
as possible.

Notifying and mobilizing people around you wouldn’t be a bad idea and
ultimately, you can borrow Usain Bolt spikes.

1. External Appearance
a. Clothes unsuitable for place and climate
b. Cloths significantly bigger than the person’s body.
c. Person’s cloth or behavior to blend but clearly does not belong at the
d. Obvious disguise

2. Suspicious Behaviors.
a. Repeated attempts to steer clear of police and other security agents.
b. Walking slowly while glancing side by side or mumbling in a
suspicious manner.
c. Nervous, hesitant, profusely sweating or mumbling.
d. Keep one or both hands in pockets at all times.

3. Suspicious Equipment
a. Suitcase, shoulder/handbag, back pack.
b. Electrical wires, switches, metal or electronic apparatus protruding
from back or clothing.

4. Suspicious Vehicle
a. Improvised or mismatched vehicle number plates.
b. Parked for a long period in a central location, loading or no park zone.
c. Trunk or rear of the vehicle sags noticeably or is leaking fluid.
d. Electrical wires protruding from dash board.