Meet The Pastor Who Preaches NAK.ED With An Equally Nu’de Congregation

If you’ve run out of church-appropriate outfits or just feel
like clothes are hindering you entirely, good news – you can
ditch the threads full stop at the White Tail Chapel.

For this is where worshippers are invited to bare their souls,
and the rest, just as God made them.
Services are presided over by Pastor Allen Parker who has
decided clothing requirements at other churches are

Pastor Allen Parker presides over the congregation at the
White Tail Chapel

“When he [Jesus] was born he was n***d, when he was
crucified he was n***d and when he arose he left his clothes
in the tomb and he was n***d,” he explained.

For good measure, he adds: “If God made us that way, how
can that be wrong?”

Katie and Robert Church are regular attendees

The chapel sits in the grounds of the White Tail Resort – ‘a
family nudist community’ in Ivor, Virginia.

And even if this is all a bit new to you, fret not – according to
the resort’s website, first time nudists are being offered a
free pass.
Praise him.

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