Lord Have Mercy!!! Journalist Burnt Alive By Police For Exposing Politician Who R.aped Girls

A courageous journalist in India who accused a high ranking Minister of
corruption and rape, Jagendra Singh, has been burnt alive by five police
officers who were paid to carry out the hatchet job, reports Hindi Times.

According to the report, the police have charged Minister Ram Murti
Verma and the police officers with the murder of the journalist was
found burned to death just days after accusing the politician of rape on

On June 1, 2015, police had raided the Singh’s home and after beating
him to a pulp, he was set on fire and later claimed that Singh committed
suicide by self-immolation.

However, Singh’s son Rahul, later came forward accusing the officers of
burning his father to death. As a result, the politician and the five
officers involved have been charged with murder.
Rahul told investigators that the officers, including a senior ranking
Inspector, burned his father to death in front of the rest of the family.

“He told me he was hounded for exposing Verma’s alleged involvement
in illegal mining and forced occupation of land.”
Singh had accused the politician of illegal land seizures, launching
illegal mining operations and being involved in the sexual assault of a

The Indian government has charged Murti Verma, the Inspector and
four other police officers with murder while also condemning the brutal
incident against a member of the press as an attack on freedom of

Police believe the murder was Verma’s revenge for the journalist’s
Facebook posts.