(2.) Bad Effects of colonialism- what colonialism can
do to cultures is seen in this play. The culture is
gradually disappearing, all because of colonialism. To
be reckoned with, you have to go to school and be able
to speak the colonialists’ language, dress like them,
behave like them or else you are regarded as bush
man, as people like Mrs. Brofusem regarded the

The theme of heroism;-There is war between the state
of Bulgaria and its other allied force.During the war,
Sergius a soldier,unprofessionally commands his
regiments to move out of hiding to face the machine
guns and soldiers and the enemy combatants.This
charging soldiers would have been killed in the
process but for the non availabilities of cartridges in
the enemy combatants’ weaponry.
In his attempt to escape from being killed during the
charge against his military group, Bluntschli runs
away from the battle lines to take refuge in Raina’s
room.Having successfully dislodge the enemy’s
calvary by asking his regiment to charge at them as
they do,Sergius assumes a sudden status of a hero.

The poem creates the visual image of post
independent frustration, hardship, penury,
disappointment and hopelessness of African peasants.
The peasants are presented as homeless, hungry,
unhealthy and lean. The summary of the problem of
poverty stricken and haggard-looking masses is
presented in stanza one.
On raining mornings, the emaciated peasants are
soaked (because they have no accommodation) and
consequently shivering along the boulevards.
Secondly, the nation is backward technologically. the
development in the area of agriculture (ricepads) and
infrastructure (railway) has been
On raining mornings, the emaciated peasants are
soaked (because they have no accommodation) and
consequently shivering along the bou paralyzed by
shortsighted leaders.

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(11) d poem evolves round d soothsayer or
Astrologers whom d poet sees their calculations as
blind as they themselves, that all his fate are
entrusted 2 d person that had d knowledge of d world
ie Almighty God. D poet shows his attitude towards
his pre-occupation in d poem “upon an honest man’s
fortune” by being challenging & defiance because he
is confidence that d Astrologers’ hypothesis &
calculations are wrong and queries them 2 prove
themselves, rather than exploiting d downtrodden all
in d name of fate. The poet maintains that he would be
vindicated at d end of d day, when generation unborn,
would come 2 term wit his “poetic message” which d
poet uses to bring normalcy 2 d whole situation at d
end of d tunnel in d poem ” upon an honest man.

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