Lai Mohammed Blasts Deputy Senate President, Ekweremadu

APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has
released a statement to address Ekweremadu‘s claim on
Boko Haram getting stronger under the administration of
Lai blasted the Deputy Senator for speaking thrash. Read
what Lai said below.

What the Deputy Senate President interpreted as the
worsening cases of Boko Haram attacks under the current
administration are actually the desperate pangs of a dying
monster. If Ekweremadu had leveraged his high office to get
the necessary information from those involved in the Boko
Haram fight, especially the Nigerian military, he would not
have made the kind of partisan and incautious comments
attributed to him – and which he has not denied.

“Lone wolf suicide bombings and the choice of soft targets
by retreating gunmen are now the order of the day, as
against the terrorists’ previous coordinated actions of seizing
and holding territories. Now, due to the government’s broad
consultations, vital international input and support have
become more real and are adding value to the counter-
terrorism campaign. With the Nigeria-led Multi-National
Joint Task Force due to be deployed by month’s end, it is a
matter of time for Boko Haram to be defeated. This monster
cannot and will not survive.

Against this background of a more purposeful and
coordinated approach to the Boko Haram battle, Nigerians
are assured that the senseless killings and maiming that
have characterised one of the most brutal terrorist
campaigns ever will soon be over. Nigerians should
therefore refrain from making comments that can only
serve to create panic rather than alleviate the situation,”

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However, Ekweremadu released a statement through his
special adviser saying he never said that. According to him,
“Whereas Senator Ekweremadu expressed concerns over the
resurgence of Boko Haram attacks in parts of the country, at
no time did he try to blame it on the present administration.

It is instead on record that he not only commended the
efforts of the present administration, especially in building
international support and synergy to tackle the monstrous
group, but he also called for greater inter-party,
intergovernmental, and international collaboration to
address the problem.”