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Jungle Justice:- Angry Mob Brutally KillArmed Robber In Oyo [Photo]

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A robber in Oyo, who specialized in carrying out his
nefarious acts using motorcycles, got more than he
bargained for when he was attacked by a mob and

The unidentified man is said to have completed a
robbery on a petrol station in the Alakia area of
Ibadan, the state capital, when he was chased
down and accosted by the mob.

The robber was then stabbed in the stomach and
his other gang members were beaten mercilessly
until they were rescued by the police.

The Tribune reports:
His gang member and the okada man he used
were not spared either, as they were beaten black
and blue before they were rescued by policemen
from Monatan Division. Two locally-made pistols
and two live cartridges were found on the
unidentified deceased gang member.

The gang was said to have invaded Bambo petrol
station at Alakia area of Ibadan on Thursday, March
20 armed with the two guns. The unidentified gang
leader reportedly shot into the air which attracted
the manager of the petrol station. Leaving his
office to see what was happening, the man was
confronted by the sight of two of his attendants
held hostage.

The armed robbers also walked towards him and
collected his money and handsets, leaving after an
operation that did not last more than 10minutes.

Piqued by the effrontery of the young men, the
manager reportedly summoned courage, picked a
motorcycle and went after the armed robbers. On
seeing that he was being pursued, the unnamed
gang member reportedly shot into the air but this
did not deter the people as they got closer to the
bike that conveyed the armed robbers.

He was pulled off the bike and held down while
others continued with the chase of others until
they caught up with them. The leader of the gang
was immediately dealt with as someone among the
crowd was reported to have drawn a knife and slit
his stomach, as the mob hailed when his intestines
poured out. He was said to have writhed in pain
while he held his intestines in his own hands,
unable to talk, until he gave up the ghost.

The state’s police spokesperson, Olabis; Okuwobi-
Ilobanafor, confirmed the incident, saying that the
suspects had been transferred to the Special Anti-
Robbery Squad (SARS) for further investigations.

She added that investigations would prove the
innocence or otherwise of the okada rider.

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Updated: April 13, 2014 — 11:39 pm
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