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Joke Of The Day:- Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo; WhoDo You Think Is Smarter?


An Edo Man invited his friends for his mother’s
burial. After lowering the coffin, the family put
yam, rice, meat etc, into the grave in line with

An hausa man asked why? The Edo man smiled &
said, according to our tradition, the dead go on a
long journey & need all the food items they can
get”. The hausa man dropped N100,000 inside and
said, “when the food finish, buy more”. The Yoruba
man dropped N50,000 and said, “add this incase
it’s not enough”.

The Igbo man smiled and brought out his cheque
book & wrote a cheque of N200,000, dropped it in
the coffin & took the N150,000 notes as a change,
then said, “Nwanne, withdraw when you reach dia
o…It is going to be a dangerous journey we don’t
know how many robbers are out there and after all
we are in a cashless economy na! Travel well o!”

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Updated: March 24, 2014 — 11:16 pm
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