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I will become a Peace Ambassador after handing over to Buhari – Jonathan

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President Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed that he will become a peace
ambassador after handing over the mantle of leadership to Muhammadu
Buhari on May 29.

The president explained that he strongly believes Nigerians can only
practise their different religions in a peaceful environment.

Jonathan disclosed this shortly after he was decorated with the 2015
Epitome of Peace Award by the Field Superintendent of The Apostolic
Church Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory Field, Apostle John Buzu, at
the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Friday.

Jonathan, who has been receiving eulogies from the international
community for conceding defeat to Buhari, said he would work hard to
reduce religious and racial discrimination in the country after leaving

Hear him, “To whom much is given, much is expected. For you to honour
me today, you have given me another mandate to work harder to ensure
that we as Nigerians continue to live in peace.

“One thing I have decided I will do after leaving office is to be talking to
faithful of all religions: Christians, Muslims and other religions, on the
need for Nigerians to live in peace.

“This is because when there is crisis in any part of the country, nobody
can practise his own religion. If there is crisis anywhere, people cannot
go to the mosque, they cannot go to the church.

“We need peace in this country, no matter our religious persuasion or
belief. That will be one of my main commitments when I leave office: to
reduce discrimination in this country based on religious divides or
ethnicity. I believe I will have so many apostles that will follow me to do

He added that a few of them, including himself, are a bit luckier because
their contributions are noticed.

“I sincerely thank you for considering me fit for this honour that you
have just bestowed on me.

“All of us do a number of things everyday. People have saved this
country, we don’t even know some of them or what they did but some
people are a bit luckier that their actions are noticed and sometimes

“You have also noticed me with my little contribution, not just because I
am the President of the country, but because of an action I took that you
believe saved lives and you are honouring me,” he added.

Aisha Buhari is my sister, I will support her – Patience Jonathan
“I am grateful for the insignia given to me: the plaque, the medal and the
dress are quite unique. They will be very conspicuous in my Presidential
museum or library so that even after 50 years, people will still see and
appreciate what you have done today even if I have left this world and
have gone beyond, what you have done will still be displayed in my
library for people to see,” he added.

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Updated: May 24, 2015 — 11:08 am
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