‘I am not Mentally Ready for Marriage’ – IcePrince

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Hip-hop recording artiste Panshak Zamani, aka
Ice Prince in a recent chat with Vanguard has
revealed that even though he’s a dad at 27,
marriage is actually the last thing on his mind right
Excerpts: How has life been treating you
generally? I just thank God for my life because I don’t
obstacles as challenges the way other people see
them, I only see them as stepping stones for me.
Why are you still single ? I don’t think I am planning
to get married now
because am still young, I’m in my youth and
moreover, I am just 27 years old. Maybe later in
my late thirties I can start planning to get married
or not. But what are your reasons ? It’s because I still
have a long way to go before
thinking of settling down. I can’t say because of
what I have, that I am okay to get married, no. I
don’t think I am mentally ready for marriage. I
think before one could get married, one needs to
attain certain level of understanding and awareness.
I don’t think I have those qualities just
yet. But are you in any serious
relationship, and any plan of
settling down with your baby
mama ? Yeah , but I wouldn’t want to talk about my
girlfriend and about the mother of my baby. She is
good and we are not talking about getting
married because I’m not ready yet.