How To Download/Install WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 200 205 Phones

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There is no doubt that all mobile smartphone users
want to engage in the buzz around whatsapp, but it can
be really frustrating to discover that your Nokia Asha
200 or 205 is unsupported for this chat application.
Lot’s of people have been in search of ways to install a
working version of whatsapp on their Nokia Asha
phones, and guess what, there is a work around to get
things work your way.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download and
install the whatsapp mobile chat application to run
smoothly on your Nokia Asha smartphone without
much hassle.

Prerequisites To Installing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha
and s40 Unsupported Devices
Make sure the unsupported smartphone device you
are about to run the Whatsapp chat application on,
has a free memory of at least 4MB.

A mobile phone that supports Whatsapp installation
other than your Nokia Asha phone where you
would love to install the application.

Method 1 to Downloading Whatsapp for Asha 200

1. Remove the memory card in your Nokia Asha
phone and insert it into any s40 Nokia phone where
Whatsapp is supported.

2. Visit Whatsapp s40 page and download the app for
into the phone.
3. Copy the downloaded app into your memory card,
and then remove your memory card from the

4. Insert the memory card back into your Nokia Asha
200 or Asha 205 device.

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5. You can now launch this app and watch it run
successfully on your Nokia phone.