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How I killed, Drained Teenager’s Blood For Money Ritual – Suspect Confesses

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Muyideen Salaam, a 35 year-old apprentice at Aketegbo
community in Seme, Badagry area of Lagos, gave this
chilling confession of how he killed a 13 year-old boy,
Rilwan Amuda, in his crave for materialism.

The Ibadan-born suspect claimed he was tempted to opt for
money ritual after his wife left with their two children when
feeding became an uphill task for him.

According to him: “ I was alone in the video shop club owned
by my master when one of my friends named Nuru came and
said he knew someone who could make us rich . He told me
all that was needed was just the blood of a boy of about 15
years of age. Ritual

He said all I needed to do was to get the person since he had
already contacted a herbalist. In my desperation, I told him
we would take Rilawan, mama elewa’s son since I had easy
access to him because he usually ran errands for me and
sometimes I gave him money and used closthes. We felt it
was useless to go out and get someone else since Rilawan
stayed in the same area with us. I made him understand that
getting someone was not the problem but taking him to the
herbalist’s shrine where he would be killed.

When we told baba our constraint, he gave Nuru a ring and
instructed us to just touch whoever we wanted to bring with
it , that the person would follow us without hesitation.
On that fateful day, I called Rilwan and touched him with the
ring . To my surprise, he became dumb and followed us to the
shrine. We kept him there until it was dark .

When it was midnight and there was no one in sight, we took
him away from the shrine and laid him on the ground. While
Nuru slashed his throat with a knife given to us by the
herbalist, I held a bowl close to his neck for the blood to pour
into it.
Rilwan did not put up any resistance as promised by baba
because he was hypnotized. And his memory was gone.

After we collected the blood, we gave the bowl to baba and
carried Rilawan’s body far away from the shrine to avoid
suspicion and dumped it on the expressway so as to give an
impression that he was hit by a vehicle. We thereafter, went
to bath with the blood as instructed by baba.

He performed some rituals fore us and mixed the blood with a
black native soap and gave us to bath with after which he said
we would become rich.

But after bathing with the substance, by the third day, we did
not see any money as promised by baba. We were as poor as
we used to be . We were so angry and decided to go to baba’s
place to fight with him.

But on our way, Rilwan’s mother held me and asked me to
produce his son for him. She said she was informed that he
was last seen with me. She vehemently refused to let go of my
trouser even when I denied. This caused a scene and people
gathered around me and started beating me. Nuru who was
with me managed to escape. Policemen from Seme division
came and took me away. It was at that moment I opened up.

But Nuru who lured me into it is nowhere to be found . I am
left to bear the brunt alone . If I had known, I would have
continued working for my master where I was paid N1,500
every month. The most painful aspect is that I do not have a
mother, father, sister or brother. I am just all alone in the
world. I do not want to die even though I partook in killing
somebody “, he said in an emotional laden tone.

After his arrest, policemen reportedly took him to the
herbalist shrine where the suspect showed them the bowl that
was used to drain Rilwan’s blood. The herbalist identified as
Soji Akodiya did not deny demanding for a human blood
from Muyideen and his fleeing friend but he stated that the
killing never took place in his shrine.

Out of curiosity , this reporter was forced to ask why he
looked so haggard and tattered when he could make money to
take care of himself. In response,he looked at the reporter ,
smiled sheepishly and said, “you will not understand”
Continuing he said : “ Yes, I told them what they needed for
money ritual was human blood. Because money ritual is one
of the greatest tasks in our line. I told them they could either
use their own blood for it but I believe they never wanted to
and brought that of the boy. I was not around when the boy
was slaughtered . I did not even know when they brought
him. He was not even killed in my shrine….”

But Muyideen interrupted saying “It is a lie. You knew when
we brought him. It was even you that gave us knife and a
bowl to put the blood. You even told us not to kill him in your
shrine for security purpose and you were aware we were
going to kill him that night”.

But the herbalist ignored the interjection and continued “ I
am a herbalist who speacialise in attending to barren women.

I also help people to get jobs and also give charms to traders
to sell more than their fellow traders. I collect, N50 to N500 ,
depending on what the oracle demands. It is then left for my
clients to appreciate me.

I got money ritual charm from a colleague ten years ago when
all herbalists went for a meeting in Ijebu-ode . Usually, what
we do at such meeting is to help ourselves. For instance, if I
have the cure for any disease and others do not, I will give to
them and vice visa.

That was how the baba gave all of us ogun owo (money ritual
charm)and instructed us on how to administer to our clients .
I have never used it before, this is my first time. It was even
when Nuru came to me that I realised I had the charm”.

Asked why it did work for the suspect and his fleeing partner
in crime, the herbalist relied “ it did not work because they
did not follow my instruction. The instruction was to bathe
with the prepared concoction nine days after its preparation
but they used it on the third day.

Had they followed the instruction, they would have noticed a
total turn around in whatever they set their hands to do . Their
businesses would have been lucrative . And if they leave
N1000 in the bag, they would wake up to meet triple of what
was there”.

Mystics. Pure mystics. It’s unbelievable the extent many go
to get rich. There are the politicians who believe that charms
can make them powerful and transport them into powerful

Even when the efficacy of these rituals is in doubt, some
people still believe that rituals can change their lives for the
better. Evil men continue to chase their shadows. One thing is
clear. Evil begets evil. There’s a price for every bad thing.

Those who indulge in these primitive and devilish tendencies
never end up well.

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