Here’s Why I Choose Yar’Adua to Succeed me as President- Obasanjo

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Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has
revealed why he choose late Musa Yar’dua as his successor.

Obasanjo said Yar’dua is the only non corrupt politicians at
that time. Unfortunately, Yar’dua died on May 5, 2010 from
heart related disease.

Nigerians condemned Obasanjo for making a bad decision.

Olusegun told Channels TV at his Hilltop residence, Abeokuta

Even if you take your son as your successor, you are not
sure of what he will do when he gets there. Don’t ever kid
yourself. What do I know about any successor? What he
presents. When he gets there, he presents it differently. We
did our best, but if you say our best is not good enough, I
will say, when it comes to your turn, do better. With all the
people that are available for successor, what we came up
with was about the best that we could think of at that time.

“One of those who wanted to do the job came to me and
said, ‘Sir, I like your job, but I cannot do it the way you are
doing it.’ Now, if he had told me that, should I then come
and say, ‘okay, come, let me give you the job?’ He had told
me that, ‘I like your job, but look, the way you are doing it, I
haven’t got the stamina to do it that way.’ Then, what do you
expect me to do?

“Or the one that I know that, oh!, this one, before he gets the
job, he’s stinkingly corrupt. Now will I be able to defend
myself before God and man if with what I know I give this
job or I encourage the man to have this job?”

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