Gobe!! Anytime I Sleep With Her, I Receive Strange Knock On My Head – Husband Reveals

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A middle-aged woman, Sophia Arapogun, has prayed an Agege
customary court to dissolve her 11-year-old marriage because her
husband, Patrick, abandoned her for two years.

Mrs Arapogun, who lives with her husband and his six children from his
previous marriage, said he never asked her how she fed.

“My husband buys foodstuffs for his children and asks them to keep
them in their room. He never asked what I needed at a particular moment
and we lived together,” she said.

The petitioner said her husband came home at a time to sprinkle
something that looked like blood all over the house, adding that she
worked as a clerical officer in her husband’s hospital.

She said: “I used to package melon to sell in neighbouring markets but
since my husband didn’t like the idea, he employed me in his hospital.

There was a day I took N300 to take passport photograph, he shouted at
me in the presence of his children and I felt humiliated. I was more
shocked when he made sure I refunded the money.”

She is seeking an accommodation from him as compensation if her
petiton is granted.

Patrick said he married her because he heard a pathetic story about her,
adding: “I asked if she had any evil spirit or medical problems which
didn’t make her conceive during her two previous marriages but she said
no; then I married her.”

The respondent, a doctor, said after their marriage, he discovered that
three minutes after making love to her, he got a knock on his head.

“Not only did I get a knock, whenever I had the intention of sleeping
with her, I would discover rashes on my m*****d or my m*****d would
be twisted. At times, I would not get Attention or my sperm ceases. Since
then, I became afraid of everything,” Arapogun said.

He said his hospital crumbled after his wife began to work with him,
adding that she stole money on several occasions.

“When we lived together, there were times my wife left the bedroom and
returned in the morning without any explanation.
Our union is bad omen.

I have suffered from swollen legs, slight stroke and it was when I
realised my wife defecates in the bucket I used to bathe that I decided to
leave with my children because I was not ready to die young and I don’t
know what was going to happen next,” he said. The couple has no issue.

President of the court, Pa Adekunle Williams, ordered the petitioner to
maintain the peace and adjourned the matter till July 13 for further

Source: Tribune

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