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Giant Nigerian snails seized and destroyed at Los Angeles Airport


Giant Nigerian snails seized and destroyed at Los
Angeles Airport

Officials of the Los Angeles International Airport have
seized and destroyed a consignment of 67 African
snails sent from Nigeria to a resident in the US, saying
the snails are poisonous and highly destructive. The
snail consignment arrived in the States from Nigeria
on July 1st in a blue basket pictured above.

The snails according to the U.S. Department of
Agriculture are prohibited because they can carry
parasites that are harmful to humans, including one
that can lead to meningitis. They also say it can
destroy local crops. Continue…

Maveeda Mirza, the U.S Customs and Border
Protection program manager say they are
investigating why an individual would want to
consume such an amount of deadly snails.

“We’re investigating what happened, but it doesn’t
seem like there was smuggling involved. When
someone doesn’t know a commodity is prohibited
under USDA regulations there is usually no
punishment,” she said.

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Updated: July 15, 2014 — 4:54 pm
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