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Boko Haram Camp Destroyed In Balmo Forest Near Sambisa In Borno State


The Nigerian army has dismantled a Boko Haram stronghold

in Balmo Forest.
According to the Nigerian Defence website, Nigerian troops
have taken over Balmo Forest in a fierce military operation
that took place over the weekend.

Before operation, Balmo forest stretching from Bauchi
through Jigawa States with links to the fringes of Sambisa
forest was used by terrorists as bases and hideouts for
launching attacks.

But thankfully, terrorists and armed gangs operating in the
forests were completely rooted out while some were captured
during the operation.

2 foreigners working for Boko Haram were among the
suspect captured.

Item recovered from the terrorists included stolen vehicles,
kithcen utensils, foodstuff, stolen, generators, high range
communication equipment, motorcycles and many more.

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Updated: July 8, 2014 — 7:11 pm
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