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GBEGE! Nigerian Soldiers Storm LagosCommunity Over Missing Gun


Soldiers from Ibereko Barracks on the Badagry
Expressway, in Lagos State have laid a siege on the
Mowo Community in the area, in search of a
missing gun.

This mroning, the soldiers mounted a post at the
bus stop and prevented shop owners from opening
for business.

“They are still at the bus stop, they have a check
point there before the incident. They went on with
their normal business overnight because they
always come to the point in the night. This
morning, they ordered the closure of every shop at
the bus stop, ” a woman told P.M. NEWS.
Yesterday, it was a near action film for the
residents as the unidentified soldiers stormed the

A drunk soldier from Ibereko Barracks, along
Badagry Express road lost his gun in a beer parlour
at Mowo Bus stop last week. So in a bid to recover
the stolen weapon, the Soldiers decided to subject
every able bodied men in the community to torture
and harassment.

The Soldiers, an eye witness said suspected a man
currently at large to have stolen the gun.
The suspect’s father was said to have been
arrested and questioned on the whereabouts of his
son. He was later left off the hook when elders of
the community intervened.

“They(Soldiers) declared a mini-curfew in this area.
Yesterday they harassed and beat people.
Monday’s father was arrested but later released
when Elders intervened. People were not allowed to
move in or out of the community,” a resident said.

A graduate of Lagos State University, Babatunde
Gafar, who lives within the area confirmed the

“I could not even go out of my compound since
yesterday. A neighbour of mine who was harassed,
recounted what was happening at the Bus stop to
me. He said he was told to do countless number of
frog-jumps and was only released through the
intervention of a relative who appealed to the
soldiers,” he said.

He said majority of the boys in the area were told
to stay in the neighbouring town till the onslaught

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Updated: April 6, 2014 — 6:46 pm
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