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Fashola’s Tenure Is A Failure – PDP

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The Peoples Democratic Party has described the performance of
former Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola, as dismal.

The Lagos chapter of the party on Friday alleged that the administration
of Fashola was largely based on propaganda.
But in a swift reaction, Fashola’s Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Hakeem
Bello, described the party’s statement as amusing.

The PDP, however, admonished his successor, Governor Akinwunmi
Ambode, to govern the state with the fear of God in order to move the
state out of its “make-belief” situation.

In a statement issued by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Taofik Gani, the
party stated that it did not expect Ambode to act differently in terms of
running his administration based on propaganda.

Gani said, “While we hope the best for Lagos State, it is our objective
projection that Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode may not depart from the
propagandist government now institutionalised in the state by Governor

The PDP said Ambode should avoid the entrapment of ‘godfatherism’ for
the Lagos State to prosper.

The statement said, “It is, however, our wish that the state prospers and
so we admonish Ambode to get close to God and jettison ‘godfatherism’
in order to make any appreciable success. By upholding this tenet, Mr.
Ambode will implement policies for the people and not continue in the
manner that (suggests) the state economy is in the hands of a godfather.

“With monthly internally generated revenue of at least N27bn, no
governor should fail in Lagos state. But former Governor Fashola left
office leaving the state with the highest local and international debt
profile in the federation. The former governor failed because of his over-
dependence on a godfather and his own self-believe.”

According to the Lagos PDP, there are many projects and policies
abandoned by the Fashola administration.
“Such include, lack of affordable low-cost housing, balkanised civil
service with no minimum wage, unresolved Lagos State University
crisis, economic and human rights violations. Others are shortage of road
networks, hostile business environment, inability to bring down cost of
living in the state, poor primary and secondary education standard, to
mention a few,” the statement added.

The party expressed confidence that through the ongoing governorship
tribunal, its candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, might be declared the winner of
the April 11, 2015 poll.

In a text message sent to our correspondent in response to PDP’s
assessment of Fashola’s tenure, Bello said, “It’s ironic that the PDP, a
party that failed woefully at the national level could issue such a

Also responding through a text message, the Lagos All Progressives
Congress Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, said that the party should
not be taken seriously.

“Are you still listening to that dead party? Please stop wasting your
precious gift of time on this totally irredeemable party that destroyed
Nigeria. Did PDP in Abuja accomplish half of what Fashola
accomplished in Lagos given the resources at their disposal? PDP Lagos
should shut up forever in Nigeria. They gang- raped Nigeria for 16 years
and posterity will never forgive them,” Igbokwe told Saturday PUNCH.

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Updated: May 30, 2015 — 11:11 pm
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