‘Fans Mi’ Video Was Promoting Yam Flour- Davido’s Manager

Davido‘s manager, Kamal Ajiboye has reacted to the drug
trafficking allegations against the singer.

Ajiboye said ‘fans mi’ video was actually promoting yam
flour and not white substance.

Kamal said “The story is basically to dissuade people from
trafficking in hard drugs. The purpose of the video is to let
the audience know that since some people are making
money from hard drugs, they can also make a lot of money
by selling yam flour”

“The yam flour was well projected in the video. It was finally
prepared as a meal of pounded yam to be eaten with
vegetable soup in one of the scenes in the same video.” he

Kamal further stressed that people are trying to bring down
O.B.O and creating unwanted controversy around the video.

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